4x4 is a system that provides power to all four of the vehicle’s drive wheels. Some systems are engaged electronically or manually by the driver, while others are permanently active. Individual systems have specific requirements and/or restrictions for vehicle speed and activation parameters.


            • Works in adverse terrain conditions
            • Permanently mounted – always ready to use
            • Activated from the cab


          • Expensive
          • Heavy
          • Decreased fuel efficiency
          • Factory option – cannot be retrofitted
          • Requires differential lock for full effect
          • Does not increase braking power
          • Increased turning radius

4x4 can be fitted to:

Commercial Trucks

Tractor Trailer


Fire and Rescue

School and Transit Buses

Yard Tractor

Snow and Ice Removal

Utility Trucks

Compare with other systems


Type of vehicleOnspotConventional tire chainsSand spreaders Textile tire socks4x4
Commercial Trucks
Tractor Trailer
Fire and Rescue
School Busses and Coaches
Yard Tractors
Snow and Ice Removal
Utility Trucks


4x4 systems are maintenance free.