Sand Spreader

A typical sand spreader is permanently mounted on each side of the vehicle and consists of a sand container and a delivery system. It is manually operated by the driver and feeds sand in front of the drive wheels to increase traction. Some systems also include a heater.


              • Permanently mounted and ready for use
              • Activated from the cab
              • Sand distribution is also effective for the trailer



            • Effectiveness and reliability is depending on the sand quality
            • Bulky and heavy (sand weight)
            • Requires regular sand refill (manual)
            • The sand can freeze then requires heating to work
            • Limited operating distance – approx. 1.5 km (1 mile)
            • Ineffective when sand container is empty
            • Environmental impact – not permitted in all countries

Sand spreader can be fitted to:

Commercial Trucks

Tractor Trailer


Fire and Rescue

School and Transit Busses

Yard Tractor

Snow and Ice Removal

Utility Trucks

Compare with other systems


Type of vehicleOnspotConventional tire chainsSand spreaders Textile tire socks4x4
Commercial Trucks
Tractor Trailer
Fire and Rescue
School Busses and Coaches
Yard Tractors
Snow and Ice Removal
Utility Trucks


Sand container must be refilled approx. every mile.