When uptime is critical

Whether you’re in public service or commercial operations it’s all about getting the job done – on time. 

The consequences of delays from slippery road conditions could be very different depending on the nature of your operation. For rescue operations a short response time could be critical for saving lives and properties. For commercial operations failure to deliver goods in time could mean profit loss and dissatisfied customers.

Feel well to drive well

Driver’s well-being is part of operational success. Onspot Automatic Snow Chains not only eliminates unexpected stops and time loss, but also reduces the risk of injury and stress – factors that could lead to sick leave and work inefficiency. A driver who feels safe and comfortable performs at a higher level. 

Did you know?

The cost of weather-related delay to U.S. trucking companies is between 2.2 billion dollars to 3.5 billion dollars annually.

Heavy snow decreases traffic flow capacity by 30%, and light snow by 5–10%.

Companies are increasingly including weather in the risk management. By understanding weather impact on their business they make an educated decision how to insulate unwanted weather risks to better control the risk of its financial impact.

A smart investment

Investing in Onspot is minimising the risk of operational problems caused by slippery road conditions. Not to mention the human positive effects such as the driver's well-being.