This is Onspot!

The Onspot system is basically a simple and very reliable concept. It is a wheel fitted with several chains that is lowered and held towards the driving wheels. When the chain wheel rotates the chains are placed under the driving wheels to increase traction. 

Onspot is engaged only when needed – up to 50km/h (35mph) without having to stop the vehicle. It works whether you are accelerating, braking or in a loss of traction situation. When engaged traction is obtained in forward or reverse.

Onspot is conveniently engaged and disengaged by pressing a button on the dashboard. It is a trouble-free and ever-present solution for avoiding delays due to slippery road conditions.         

This is how it works

Just press the button to get traction. Engage and disengage while driving.

Optimised fit for your vehicle

To ensure optimum fit brackets are designed for different vehicle brands, models and chassis configurations. The delivered Onspot kit is customised to perfectly fit your vehicle.

All included in your Onspot kit

For the Onspot system there is a variety of parts and kits available – either for fitting Onspot perfectly to your vehicle, or to customise the operation to your specific needs. 

Electric and air kit

There are several varying kits for adaption to different vehicles’ electric and air-systems. The correct kit for your vehicle is included in the Onspot kit, ready to plug in.

Vehicle bracket kit

Unique vehicle brackets for all vehicle makes. The bracket has a high-quality corrosion resistance through electrolytic pre-treatment. The Onspot kit will be supplied with the correct brackets for your specific vehicle.

Chain wheel kit

A chain wheel kit is included in the Onspot kit. There are different spare wheels available which differ by number of chain strands or steel quality.  

Onspot Product Range

There is an Onspot kit for virtually every common truck make and model. The Onpsot Product Range provides a collected overview of all the individual models that can be fitted with Onspot.

Satisfaction is guaranteed

Onspot comes with a 2-year factory warranty. If you are not satisfied with the Onspot system, there is also a 6-month repurchase guarantee.

Quality certified

Manufacturing is certified according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ECE 10R EMC to ensure highest possible quality and long trouble-free product life.

An investment in safety and productivity

Investing in Onspot is also investing in driver’s safety and fleet productivity. The investment for a complete installed Onspot system is typically EUR 3,000.

150,000 Onspot systems sold worldwide!

With over 150,000 systems installed during four decades there are many different users who share their thoughts on using Onspot. Meet some of them!

Tech specs and FAQ

Detailed specifications and frequently asked questions about Onspot.