Keeping things in good condition

While ordinary snow chains are the driver’s responsibility, all permanently installed traction control systems will require installation, maintenance and repair by a mechanic. But complexity and the time needed in the workshop differ between systems. Onspot is quick and easy to install and only requires a simple maintenance procedure. 

Why Onspot?

Onspot Automatic Snow Chains provides traction control whenever needed. It improves driver safety and keeps the vehicle fit for purpose. Although dealing with some traction control systems can be tiresome for the mechanic, Onspot is the easy one:

Comparatively quick and easy to install
Spare parts are easily available from a large dealer network

Installing Onspot is easy!

Typically, Onspot is installed within 5-8 hours. A complete range of brackets to fit specific vehicles are available so there is no need for guesswork or customisation. Only standard tools are required.

Repairing Onspot

Long-time wear on chains or mechanical damage from impacts may require replacement of parts. Parts are available to order from your regular dealer/bodybuilder or wholesale dealer. Replacement work is quick and easy.

What mechanics say

Experienced mechanics share their thoughts on installing and repairing Onspot.