Driving the kids to school

When road conditions are poor it’s up to the driver to navigate the roads and take the children safely to school. Onspot provides extra starting and stopping traction in slippery conditions. With Onspot you can reduce the risk of sliding at a bus stop or getting stuck simply by pressing a button.

Onspot preferred in many districts

Onspot has been chosen by many school districts in North America thanks to its ease of use, reliability and low maintenance. As Onspot can be engaged and disengaged while driving and works uphill as well as downhill, punctuality and safety are improved. 

What it takes from you

MountingOnspotConventional snow chainsSand spreadersTextile tyre socks4x4 

Did you know?

When conditions are icy/snowy, the accident rate is highest at the end of spring and beginning of autumn.

Onspot is ideal for school bus drivers

Experiences and thoughts from long-term use of Onspot in school buses.